The Night Sky May 2017.

The sky at midnight on the 16th. May 2017. All times GMT. New moon: 25th Full moon: 10th. The light evenings of mid-spring present a challenge to Astronomers; fewer dark hours at less convenient times means making the most of the sky when we can. Look towards the south-west at sunset and you will see […]

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B-Ring It On!

  What do you think this picture might be? Could it be a microscope’s view of a hair? Could it be the pages of a really big book? They’re not bad guesses but they’re not correct. This image focuses on a region in Saturn’s B ring, which is seen in twice as much detail as […]

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Oh My!

The solar system is full of amazing sights; from aurora on Earth, to giant solar flares, to the great red spot there are countless objects to fascinate us. every now and then comes along something you just don’t expect. Often these are from objects you just wouldn’t imagine to be interesting (which just proves the […]

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