January Night Sky

Night sky at 00h on the 15th. January 2018. New Moon; 17th. January. Full Moon 2nd. and 31st. January. There are lots of planets to observe this month, unfortunately you will have to get up early in the morning to see them! There is also a ‘blue moon’ this month; that happens when there are […]

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A Bubbling Star.

We know that eventually the Sun will become a red giant. What then will the Sun look like? In about 4.5 to 5 billion years the sun will swell and become a red giant star; this happens as the star runs out of hydrogen to fuse for energy and turns to material that’s harder to […]

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The December Night Sky.

    Full Moon; 3rd. December. New Moon: 18th. December. Venus is low in the dawn sky, it shines at a magnificently bright magnitude of -3.9 but will be lost in the dawn by the 7th. You will need to be quick to see it. Mars starts the month close to the bright star Spica […]

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